Attended by: Ardavan Amini (BCU) – Chair
Teresa Jolley (Data Journalist)
Andrew MacKenzie (Open Mercia)
Dan Dhaliwal (BIP)
Heike Schuster-James (BCC)
Gavin Broughton (Data Analyst)
Susannah Goh (B’ham Science City)
Chris Price (digiconsultancy Ltd)
Apologies: Simon Whitehouse (Data Unlocked)

1)    Teresa Jolley was welcomed to the group, bringing her expertise in data journalism and open data with an interest in transport and housing.

2)    Update

HS-J reported that, following the meeting of the Birmingham City Council Open Data Projects Board, a request for raw data releases (Extract, Transform, Load) has been submitted to Service Birmingham.  This is currently under negotiation with the intent to load onto the BCC platform when established.  The procurement of the platform (WMODF recommendation is CKAN) was delayed while three quotes were being sought through Service Birmingham.  HS-J had shared details re CKAN as requested at the previous meeting.  The City Council was one of five cities involved with the Technology Strategy Board SBRI, in which five solution provider companies were wishing to try out their products, with the aim of applying for grants to bring them to market.  Birmingham was reviewing the opportunity.  WMODF members discussed the 5 proposals and were willing to contribute to any specification of an open data platform.

3)    Other Updates

The terms of reference had been agreed and were available for dissemination.  DD apologised that he had been too busy to further develop the website but would endeavour to do this.  CP to email DD re content.

Following standard City Council procedures including publication on ‘Find it in Birmingham’, A local company is being commissioned to generate sharing of Birmingham Smart City information through a WordPress site.

Arup have won the tender for the development of the business case for an open data platform.  Arup had also expressed an interest in WMODF activities.

Ideas had been received by SG re the Open Data Challenge on health and transport circulated by the BSC digital working group.  BSC was also working on Creating Digital Health Solutions and Innovation Engine activities on Health and Low Carbon.

4)    Events

DD circulated details of the West Midlands iCloud, Data and Smart Mobility Expo 2013 on 28th/29th November to which steering group members were offered free entry.

GB’s Hackathon has been moved into the New Year and was likely to focus on transport data.  As interest had been expressed by a large telecoms provider in health data and innovation, it was agreed that a separate meeting would be organised to review and progress this opportunity.

5)    Targets and Resources

Under some time pressure, the targets for the next twelve months were discussed.  AM drafted a short list of key indicators and this and the targets drafted by SW and CP would be made available on a Google doc such that members would contribute and improve these for agreement at the next meeting.  The issue of resources was still a challenge but was alleviated by AA’s offer of his (BCU’s) assistance with meetings and events and confidence around the group that sponsorship for such activities would be available.

6)    Service Birmingham Contract Publication

AM brought to the group’s attention that Barnet had published their contract for outsourced IT.  Following discussion, there was majority support for the Forum to raise with Birmingham City Council a request for the publication of the Service Birmingham contract.  AM will lead on Open Contracting policy for the Forum.

7)    Meetings and AOB

It was agreed to fix future meeting dates – the second Tuesday of each month.  Meeting times may vary but the next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th December at 18.15.

AA proposed his handover of the chairman role.  AM offered to chair the next meeting.  CP will deal with agenda and notes.  AA will host.  The group thanked AA for his leadership of WMODF and chairing of the steering group.

Next meeting main items – agree target and resources statement.  Invite Gerry McMullan (BCC) to attend to discuss the Council’s data issues.

Future meetings – engagement with data providers outside Birmingham City Council, potential health projects.


Who By When
6. Attend Smart City Alliance meeting on 22 Nov and to invite them as guests to future meeting of WMODF AA end Nov
7. Website to be populated DD end Nov
11. WMODF on BSC Digital Working Group agenda SG early 2014
15. WMODF website to include page on Hackathon under GB control DD end Dec
19. CP to send DD details of useful information for the website CP 15 Nov
20. Special event on health data and innovation would be organised SG/CP early 2014
21. Targets and resources to be addressed through Google docs with the intent of agreement at the next meeting All 10 Dec
22. Next meeting Tues 10 Dec at 18.15 in BCU with AA as host All 10 Dec
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