The Birmingham Smart City Roadmap was published on 3rd March. WMODF members commented on the draft open data provisions.  You can comment through the consultation website


Following the sign off of BCC’s Open Data Policy and Strategy, the first step will be to create a simple open data portal initially for BCC data. The main function will be to provide a data catalogue where citizens and developers alike can view and download open data. In a phased approach, the portal can then be developed further in line with user needs and it will be open to host/link to data from other Birmingham organisations.

Stakeholders identified

  • BCC / Digital Birmingham
  • Birmingham City University, Aston University
  • WM OD Forum

Potential stakeholders

  • Data owners in Birmingham and WM
  • Health care providers
  • Police
  • Data users / developers
  • Other local authorities in WM
  • Other academic institutions
  • Community & Voluntary sector
  • Hyperlocal blogs and citizen activists

What makes this approach smart?

Making data and information openly available for reuse will create new insights and create economic value.  Internally it will progress data sharing and integration efforts.

Short-term actions

  • Identify preferred solution and supplier, arrange procurement
  • Develop and implement first version of portal
  • Identify a list of preferred datasets and negotiate release

Future actions

  • Work with Service Birmingham to create a mechanism for automated publication of data from BCC systems
  • Build up a collection of applications and outputs created with the data
  • Add more functionality to the portal
  • Grow the number of datasets published beyond BCC
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