Thanks to Eurocities, here is a summary of a European Commission document on data

The European Commission has today released a Communication titled “Towards a thriving data-driven economy”(Link Below). This a further step by the European Commission to try and unlock the potential in this sector.


The Communication is part of the EC’s work in creating the conditions for a framework for a single market for big data and cloud computing. The Communication recognises the importance and potential of data in driving forward growth and looks at some of the barriers and solutions to pushing forward its development:

The main problems identified during public consultations on big data are:

  • Lack of cross-border coordination
  • Inadequate infrastructure and funding opportunities
  • Shortage of experts in information and expertise in this area
  • Legal environment fragmented and too complex.

Main concrete actions proposed in the Communication to  solve these problems:

  • Establish a public-private partnership on “big data” to finance revolutionary ideas in areas such as personalized medicine or food supply.
  • Create an incubator of open data (through 2020) to help SMEs to develop supply chains based on data and greater use of cloud computing.
  • Propose new rules on “data ownership” and responsibility for the provision of data to the information collected via the Internet of Things (communication from machine to machine).
  • Identify standards data to identify potential gaps.
  • Establish a series of supercomputing centres of excellence to increase the number of skilled workers for data in Europe.
  • Create a network of treatment facilities of data in different Member States.

Actions that the Commission strengthen or continue

  • Development investments in 5G technology (already committed € 700 million for a public-private partnership) through international agreements such as the one signed in June between the European Commission and South Korea.
  • Grand coalition in favour of digital jobs and initiative ” Open to the outside world education systems “in order to address skills mismatches.
  • Good Practice Guide dedicated to public authorities and open data

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