At our October 2014 meeting there was a briefing by Simon Whitehouse on the Share PSI project, which has Digital Birmingham as one of its project partners. Share PSI is the European network for the exchange of experience and ideas around implementing open data policies in the public sector. Its approach is based on the European Directive on Public Sector Information and it is funding a series of workshops examining different aspects of PSI. The output of the workshops will be an input to the W3C Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group.

Simon attended a workshop on behalf of Digital Birmingham and WMODF in Samos on Open Data and Efficiency within Government where 35 different partners presented their projects from across Europe. He has written a blog post about the Samos workshop for Digital Birmingham and it is on the Smart Birmingham blog

As a result of attending the Samos Summit, SW was asked to represent the Share PSI project at the Legal Aspects in Public Sector Information (LAPSI) project meeting in Milan last week, where he delivered a presentation on the Exploitation of Cultural Data.

The next Share-PSI workshop took place in December in Lisbon, where there were parallel strands with the LAPSI project There is another post about the Lisbon workshop on the Smart Birmingham website and there are more details on the Share PSI site

There is also a meeting in March in Timisoara, Romania. Simon has been representing WMODF (only travel and accommodation refunded) for Digital Birmingham, who are project partners. Simon encouraged other WMODF members to consider putting themselves forward to attend future workshops. Anybody interested should speak to Heike from Digital Birmingham. Simon said he would be happy to talk to any one interested about his experiences to date.

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