Attended by:       Pauline Roche – Chair                     (RnR Organisation)

Chris Price – Secretary                    (digiconsultancy)

Andrew Mackenzie                         (Open Mercia)

Jason Davies                                (WM Fire Service)

Hugo Russell                                (Innovation Birmingham)

Ted Ryan                                     (RnR Organisation)

Stuart Lester                                (Digital Birmingham)

Stuart Harrison                             (Unattached)

James Cattell                                (Unattached)

Apologies:           Andy Reeve                       (Impact Hub Birmingham)

Bethan Bishop                           (Heart of England NHS Trust)

  1. The Notes of the last meeting of 16/9/2015 were agreed as a reasonable record.
  1. Brief Updates

HR – Innovation Birmingham had been accepted to host an ODI node.

SH – was interested in supporting the ODI node and becoming more engaged locally.

SL – was attending the European Share‑PSI project in Berlin next week.

JC – with AM would represent ODI Birmingham node on the ODI 5-day ‘Train the Trainers’ course.  News was expected about funding for the Government Digital Service in next week’s spending review.  The target of £10k sponsorship for the UK Gov camp had been achieved.

JD – there were links re fire service stats with DCLG.  The Community Regional Analyst Partnership had an energised meeting on 15 October.

  1. The news of the ODI node to be hosted by Innovation Birmingham was welcomed by all. It was agreed to aim to hold a related event, probably in early February (2nd, 3rd or 4th). Update: Date now confirmed as Feb 3rd 2016, 15.00-19.00

Action: PR and HR to create distribution list.

Open data needs further promotion locally, and attendance at events, eg Digital Leaders’ Forum, Science City Digital Working Group, Smart City Alliance, may be instrumental in achieving this.

  1. Open Data Commission and West Midlands Combined Authority

The roles of different groups/activities were clarified.

WMODF has the role of bringing together data producers, users and energisers to promote open data, enable synergies and encourage publication.

The ODI node will focus on bringing data products to market and the development of skills.

The Open Data Commission was an initiative by RnR to identify what was happening locally and to generate guidance such as top ten tips.  The aim was to create this by April 2016 such that it was available to shape the data policy of the emergent West Midlands Combined Authority.

Following discussion, including the recommendation to include the open contracting standard in the Commission’s report, the Steering Group agreed to support the work of the Commission.

  1. Building a Roadmap and Extending WMODF Membership

The needs to extend both the reach of WMODF across the region and the range of published open data were agreed.

A number of opportunities were mentioned:

  • The city’s contract with Mott MacDonald ends in 2018 – there should be an opportunity to influence the position of open data in the next one.
  • HS2 is a major investment programme and there has been a data release under OGL.
  • A quick win could be the open publication of election results data rather than the current pdf.
  • BCC had appointed Andy Fullard as Information and Technology Director (Interim), on a temporary basis to look at the city’s data/information.
  • Sandwell had chairmanship of the regional fire service and Coventry for transport.

Recognising travel issues for some, and wanting to engage more widely, the group would welcome corresponding and/or virtual members or could rotate meetings in other local authority areas.

An early activity linked to WMODF and the Commission was to collate details of who was doing what – a roadmap for open data.  So far, the distribution of the Google form and linked spreadsheet had received limited response.

Action: CP to distribute the spreadsheet of organisations/individuals so far for people to contribute to.

Steering Group members confirmed that they would contribute to the roadmap.  Others to contact included Daniel Cremin, Vicky Sargent, Mike Waters (Coventry), Substrakt, Impact Hub, Rebel Uncut, Rewired State, Transport API.  Possible additional members could be Tom Murtha (ex Midland Heart) and Julia Higginbottom.

  1. There was no AOB and the next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, 20thJanuary, 2016.



16.45    1)             Notes and matters arising of meeting 16/9/2015 (notes attached)

16.55    2)     Members’ brief updates (round robin of items not on agenda)

17.10    3)     ODI node and linked conference/unconference

17.25    4)     The Open Data Commission

17.40    5)     West Midlands Combined Authority – opportunity

17.55  6)     Building a roadmap of what’s happening and extending WMODF membership

18.10    7)     AOB and next meetings (proposed 20/1/16 and 16/3/16 please check)


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