WEDNESDAY 18TH JANUARY 2017, 16.45-18.15 


~ A G E N D A ~

16.45    1)     Apologies, notes and matters arising from meeting 16/11/2016

16.55     2)     Updates on key issues

  • ODI node                              HR
  • Open Data Day                     PR

 17.05    3)     Metro Mayor Election                                     PR

17.15     4)     Response to Birmingham City Council ICTD Strategy 2016 – 2021.         Draft attached for discussion/improvement

17.25     5)     Open Data and Social Care – discussion & identify key questions/datasets

17.40    6)     WMODF – views on 2016, direction for 2017

18.00    7)     Members’ brief updates (round robin of items and events not on agenda)

18.10    8)     AOB and dates of next meetings 2017


16.45     1)     Apologies, notes and matters arising from meeting 18/01/2017

16.55      2)     Updates on key issues

  • ODI node                                HR
  • Open Data Day event                     PR
  • WMODF Web site review DW 

17.10     3)     Metro Mayor Election responses on Open Data      PR

17.25      4)     Sandwell CAB referral pathways tool                    DW

17.45      5)     Open Data and Social Care – further discussion of key questions/datasets

18.00     7)     Members’ brief updates (round robin of items and events not on agenda)

18.10     8)     AOB and dates of next meetings 2017





ATTENDED BY:         Hugo Russell (HR)                   (Innovation Birmingham)

Pauline Roche – Chair (PR)       (RnR Organisation)

Darren Wright (DW)                 (Inside Outcomes)

Stuart Lester (SL)                    (TfWM)

Chris Price – Secretary (CP)      (digiconsultancy)

Glyn Simpson (GS)                   (WMCA)

Teresa Jolley (TJ)                    (DEFT 153 Ltd)


APOLOGIES:             Jason Davies                          (WM Fire Service)

Bethan Bishop                         (Consultant)

Ted Ryan                               (RnR Organisation)

Paul Beckley                           (WMCA)

Raj Mack                                (BCC, Digital Birmingham)


  1. The NOTES of the last meeting of 16thNovember 2016 were agreed.  PR reported that she had received a request for engagement and guidance from Coventry City Council.

Action:  SL agreed to respond on behalf of WMODF.


HR reported that on 2nd February there will be an ‘Innovation’ breakfast at which the ODI node will be taking a stand.  On 28th February there is an event in the University Centre with IBM focussed on AI and Big Data.  On 22nd March there will be a Smart Cities Event looking at Health and Work.  The Innovation Engine will offer support in the area of ‘Open Data for Open Innovation’.

HR also mentioned that there is a ½day training workshop on the effective use of LinkedIn on 25th January.

Action:  HR to circulate contact details for the workshop.

On 11th January PR had presented at a workshop in Belfast on ‘Navigating the Open Data Ecosystem’.  Open Data Camp 4 will be held in Cardiff on 25th and 26th February.

Impact Hub Birmingham’s new DemoDev project is working in partnership with Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and land owners to build a platform to help potential home self-builders find small scale plots of land. extracts data from the Land Registry to identify potential development sites around Birmingham.

Open Data Day 2017 will be on 4th March.  PR had been in discussion with Birmingham City Council to organise an event but so far there isn’t a clear plan.  HR suggested that WMODF organise an event – it was agreed to have it on Friday 3rd March; HR offered support on accommodation/refreshments.  A possible programme was proposed:

  • PR’s Belfast presentation ‘Navigating the Open Data Ecosystem’
  • DW – Using open data to identify health needs
  • HR – Innovating with open data

Action:  HR to book venue, PR to develop agenda, promote and issue invitations; UPDATE: Event booking page here

  1. WMODF – 2016 REVIEW AND 2017 AIMS

There were positive comments about 2016:

  • Regular meetings
  • Variety of attendees within wide circulation list
  • Updated website
  • Share PSI activities and report
  • Dissemination of events
  • Independent position
  • Engagement with Birmingham ICT&D strategy

Suggestions for 2017:

  • Keep meeting bi-monthly
  • Keep organisations (eg BCC) accountable on open data issues
  • Provide an information exchange
  • Include topic based items & speakers in meetings/events
  • Improve website – host on DW server
    – improve images
    – organise review workshop
  • Refresh membership
  • Engage on open data policy with Metro Mayor election candidates
  • Organise local event as part of Open Data Day

Actions:   DW to transfer and improve website

PR/CP to organise workshop for website review

CP to write to current membership to reaffirm interest

PR and steering group to organise – Open Data Day event 3/3
challenge to Metro Mayor candidates for
response by 1/3 to feature during event                                      


There was a brief discussion about the content of the draft response.  It was agreed to submit to Andy Fullard (copy to the appropriate Cabinet member) requesting a response by 1st March and inviting him to a future meeting.

Action:  CP to amend the response and submit to Andy Fullard as above.  PR to forward copy to Cllr Zaffar.


PR referred to an informal meeting with Peter Hay, Strategic Director People, Birmingham City Council, in which he had a positive attitude to the release of open data.  The discussion was aimed at identifying some of the interesting questions to be asked, especially the things they don’t know and, from this, the data which would be needed.  There were several agencies that would have specific viewpoints and differing questions, ie Voluntary Sector, Care Home owners, NHS, Councils, Commissioners.  There were also the needs and interests of individuals and families seeking care. It was noted that Susannah Goh would know what research was available. In the time and with the limited expertise available in the meeting, the following was agreed:

Action:  CP to draft some specimen questions to circulate for improvement.  GS to ask a contact to comment.  PR to speak to BCC contact. CP to add this issue to the agenda of the next meeting.


Actions: The following were discussed and/or agreed:

  • Follow candidates on Twitter from @WMODF
  • Coherent governance because of standards e.g. Bristol & Bath policies
  • Use 5 stars of open data in talking to candidates
  • Virtual hustings
    • Write to each candidate to seek their policy on open data
    • Use points from our draft Top 10 tips in this challenge

TJ:  Was to present outcomes from the November transport data hack in Birmingham to the DfT on Tuesday.  There were discussions with Innovation Birmingham about the use of the incubator space in Serendip with the aim of bringing data together. Developing the ODI node value proposition There were ongoing discussions about the Highways project. DEFT is seeking NEDs. DEFT will be at a brainstorming event on 6th at DfT.  Tableau is in use at TfWM.  The Traffex International Exhibition will be held at the NEC 4th6th April.

GS:  TfWM has established links with Brian Prangle, Mappa Mercia/Open Street Map – will work ½ day a week at WMCA.  GS is working to scope requirements for the next version of the API and is exploring how to best market it.

PR:  Further coverage of the Women in tech leadership awards to come UPDATE: Article here.  PR to keep attending the BCC Open Data round table meetings and liaising with open data standard for grantgivers organisation 360 Giving.  The next ODI Steering group meeting is on 8th February.

SL:  Working on procurement for WMCA with the aim of exposing the requirements to the market at the end of February.  The requirements will include making openness part of the operating model and require companies to support open events (eg hacks).  The final spec will be released in the summer.  The challenge was to enable the spec to be attractive to smaller companies.  A new mobility as a service app (WHIM), is under development which will enable people to travel wherever and whenever, using public transport, taxis and other mobility providers.  TfWM was also reviewing the potential role of autonomous vehicles and how their business model would operate; for example, how might they be used by vulnerable people and those with mobility issues.  What will be the impact on the automobile industry, a concern for the West Midlands? PR suggested convening a focus group of people on the mobility element of PIP.

DW:  Developing a tool to identify referral pathways, showing geographical pictures of need, working with Sandwell, Walsall & Wolverhampton.  The aim is to integrate data to produce a picture of needs.  Once developed the tool will be available foc on open license through Github.

Action:  CP to put a 20minute slot for DW to demonstrate this software in the March agenda.

  1. AOB

It was agreed that PR and CP should continue in their current roles.


These were scheduled to be:

15/3, 17/5, 19/7, 20/9, 15/11



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