WEDNESDAY 17TH MAY 2017, 16.45-18.15 


~ A G E N D A ~

16.45     1)     Apologies, notes and matters arising from meeting 15/03/2017

16.55      2)     Updates on key issues

  • ODI node                                     PR
  • Open data and social care           PR
  • Open Data events                        PR
  • West Midlands Mayoral elections CP 

17.15     3)     Brum Youth Trends 2017 presentation by             Tony Bhajam

17.40      4)    WMODF Web site stats, promotion and content         DW/CP

                          Open Data video     

18.00     5)     Members’ brief updates (round robin of items and events not on agenda)

18.10     6)     AOB and dates of next meetings


WEDNESDAY, 17th MAY, 2017 

ATTENDED BY:         Pauline Roche – Chair              (RnR Organisation)

Glyn Simpson                          (WMCA)

Darren Wright                         (Inside Outcomes)

Si Chun Lam                           (Coventry City Council)

Chris Price – Secretary             (digiconsultancy)

Ted Ryan                               (RnR Organisation)

APOLOGIES:             Bethan Bishop                         (Aliciyo)

Stuart Lester                           (TfWM)

James Cattell                          (Defra)

Jason Davies                          (WM Fire Service)

Raj Mack                                (BCC, Digital Birmingham)

Andy Reeve                            (Impact Hub Birmingham)

Hugo Russell                           (Innovation Birmingham)

Susannah Goh                         (BCU)

Teresa Jolley                          (DEFT 153 Ltd)

Heike Schuster‑James              (BCU)

  1. The NOTES of the last meeting of 15thMarch 2017 were agreed.  WMODF had still not been notified who had been appointed as Birmingham City Council CIO replacing the interim Andy Fullard.  DW confirmed his referral tool was in operation.

Action:    PR to ask Steven Rose re CIO at impending meeting and then to consider next steps with the Cabinet Member.  SCL to find out who is the political lead for Open Data in Coventry.


Birmingham ODI Node was ticking over.

Open data and Health/Social Care would be carried forward to the next meeting following a discussion with Richard Brown (TBA).

Birmingham Youth Trends event had taken place Mar 30th – PR and TR attended; on 5th April the Brum City Drive Hack had taken place with a small but enthusiastic group, facilitated by PR.

Teresa Jolley sent an update – she has been waiting for decisions on a permanent Data Discovery Centre following the success of the pop‑up at Traffex.  Discussions with the Transport Systems Catapult, Innovation Birmingham, TfWM and DfT have been fruitful and it is hoped that a permanent centre can begin in June ‘17 in the TSC/TfWM Intelligent Mobility incubator at iCentrum.

West Midlands Mayoral Elections:  The initial four and then all five responses on Open Data from the candidates had been published on our website.  CP apologised that he had not requested the views of the Communist candidate because he had not realised one was standing – it was a late nomination.  On behalf of WMODF, CP had responded to the five, advising them that we would respond to the ‘policy’ of the successful candidate, ie Andy Street.  Andy had taken up his post but had yet to appoint his management team.  It was agreed that PR would respond to the Mayor by email covering:

  • his responsibility for driving open data release and common standards, cf DW’s video;
  • the opportunities for open approaches to performance management, cf New York City and Coventry City systems;
  • the need for pressure to release further open data, eg roads, that associated with HS2 and Big Data Corridor and data created by private companies;
  • the minimal cost of delivery of open data in many areas and the opportunity for assistance by WMODF to his delivery of his manifesto.

Actions:  CP to draft email, group members to improve, PR to send, all to tweet @wmodf and @andy4wm.


Unfortunately Tony Bhajam did not attend for this item. He will be asked to come to a future meeting.


DW summarised the changes to the website ( and the contributions made by members.  His introduction to Open Data video was viewed, welcomed and unanimously agreed to be published on the website.

Action:    DW volunteered to create twitter‑friendly version.

It was agreed to list steering group members on the site (regular attendees) and other associate organisations.

Action:    CP to write to members to clarify their inclusion and the information they would wish to see on the website.  It was noted that WMODF now had 161 twitter followers.  The steady but modest numbers of website accesses were noted – the peaks relating to times of publication.  Members hoped to be able to identify posts to encourage visits.

Action:    Site stats to be discussed again at the next meeting as a standing agenda item.


GS repeated his offer to help with Mental Health data.

DW stated that Inside Outcomes was now a not‑for‑profit, community interest company.

SCL briefly demonstrated the Coventry performance indicators dashboard he had been developing (see Open data page on Coventry City Council website).

PR alerted the group to the BBC‑led Digital Cities Birmingham week of events June 12th-16th and Venturefest 2017 at the NEC on June 27th.

  1. NEXT MEETING will be held on Wednesday, 19thJuly, 16.45‑18.15.
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