WEDNESDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017, 16.45-18.15 


~ A G E N D A ~

16.45     1)     Apologies, notes and matters arising from meeting 19/07/2017 (notes on web site)

16.55      2)     Updates on key issues

  • Open data and social care         PR
  • ODI node                                   HR
  • Open Data events                      PR
  • Web site                                     CP
  • Open data platforms                  PR
  • Mapping data/ICT groups          CP

17.25      3)      Coventry composite liveability measure                SCL 

17.55     4)     Members’ brief updates (round robin of items and events not on agenda)

18.10     5)     AOB and dates of next meetings



ATTENDED BY:         Pauline Roche – Chair              (RnR Organisation)

Si Chun Lam                           (Coventry City Council)

Ted Ryan                               (RnR Organisation)

Simon Whitehouse                   (Data Unlocked)

Hugo Russell                           (Innovation Birmingham)

Heike Schuster‑James              (BCU)

Chris Price – Secretary             (digiconsultancy)

APOLOGIES:             Stuart Lester                           (TfWM)

Susannah Goh                         (BCU)

Darren Wright                         (Inside Outcomes)

Andy Reeve                            (Impact Hub)

Bethan Bishop                         (Aliciyo)

Raj Mack                                (BCC, Digital Birmingham)

  1. The NOTES of the last meeting of 19thJuly 2017 were agreed.

PR reported that there had been no follow‑up by Andy Street, Metro Mayor, re the proposal for a meeting/links.


Open Data and Social Care:  There had been little progress on examining this issue but there was still some interest around the group.  The topic was restated as Open Data and Health and Social Care.  This was an important and topical theme with changes happening to organisational structures, continuing issues re access to patient records and activities in Serendip and the West Midlands Academic Health Service Network.

ODI node:  HR spoke of a series of master classes planned for Dec 2017–July 2018 in Birmingham by ODI HQ as part of the open action project for people working in the physical activity sector. HR has been making contacts at various educational institutions in the city and the list was added to at this meeting. The ODI Friday lectures had started to be screened again.

Open Data Events:  PR mentioned the 5th Open Data Camp to be held in Queens University, Belfast on 21st/22nd October.  Open Data Day next year is probably on Saturday 3rd March and it was likely that an event will be organised for the 2nd, focusing this year on the needs and data of the Voluntary and Community Sector.  A planning meeting is to be held on 2nd October at 18.30 in the Impact Hub.

SW agreed to continue to fund the Open Data Portal ‑ www.opendatawestmids.org.uk ‑ until the end of the year to allow consideration of its value.  The Birmingham Data Factory was mentioned (CKAN) and it was agreed that PR and CP would meet with Raj Mack (Digital Birmingham) to consider how this platform might be rebranded to be more widely used, including in the wider West Midlands region.

Action:    CP to write to RM to propose a meeting.

During 11th‑13th October, ODI HQ are reviewing the state of geospatial data in the UK.  ODI had launched the Data Ethics Canvas, intended for wide usage.

Website:  CP reported that there had been 240 hits since the last meeting.

Open Data Platforms:  PR had updated the spreadsheet reviewing open data platforms.

Action:    CP to circulate latest version of spreadsheet.

Mapping Data/ICT Groups:  CP passed around the Google sheet of local data organisations which had been identified.  This led to a brief review of the report of the West Midlands Combined Authority about a Digital Board and how WMODF might link to it.

Action:    CP to publish WMCA Digital Board report on the WMODF website.


SCL made a brief presentation (see https://smarturl.it/cclm-presentation) of the Coventry development which can be accessed at www.coventry.gov.uk/cclm.

The Composite Liveability Measure was developed to enable Coventry City Council to compare its performance with other Authorities across a range of measures.  Although there are measuring schemes, e.g. OECD already in existence, this one is tailored to Coventry’s needs.  It covers 5 topic domains and 5 cross‑authority domains with the results tabularised and adjusted into a standardised form.  The results are available through interactive maps built on Open Street Map.

The tool was enthusiastically welcomed and explored in discussion.  The steering group agreed that this should be promoted to other authorities and the region.  As a first step it was agreed to present to the Smart City Alliance.

Action:    HR to put the CCLM onto the agenda of a future agenda of the Alliance.


HR mentioned that between 12.00 and 13.00 on 26th September there will be an opportunity to meet the first cohort from the Quick Code Labs.  This would be an opportunity to propose projects which the coders might undertake.

PR  mentioned a meeting of the Brum Open Rights Group at 6.30 on 25th September at BOM.

SCL referred to the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulations next year and it was agreed this should be discussed at a future meeting.

Action:    CP to put GDPR on future agenda.

SW described his experiences re open data in South America where there were similar activities but a greater emphasis on civil rights.  He referred to the opportunities of the Open Contracting Partnership for making wider data available.

  1. AOB

PR highlighted the Google Digital Garage event on the Big Data Corridor on 27th September; a meeting with Jason Lowther on information sharing in WMCA on 28th September; the UK Health Camp on 30th September in London, and the CSR summit on the theme of Tech For Good, on 6th October at iCentrum [UPDATE: CSR Summit postponed until 2018].

Next meeting of WMODF will be on Wednesday 15th November at 16.45.  Future proposed dates are 17th January and 21st March.

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