Birmingham City University are running 2 events

Wednesday 22 November 10.00-14.00hrs

IBM – Blockchain, Cognitive and IoT industry event

The event brings together researchers from BCU, Aston, UoB and businesses to network for future co-operations.

It’s organised by Adel Aneiba, who runs BCU’s IoT lab in Andy Aftelaks School of Computing.

Wednesday 29 November 12.00-18.00hrs

Exploring Data Beyond BIM

The event brings together academics with architectural technologists, architects, the construction industry and is also looking at IoT questions.

It’s organised by Prof Stephen Scaysbrook in BCU’s School of Built Environment.


WHO OWNS BIRMINGHAM is organised by Data Unlocked in conjunction with ODI Birmingham and the support of the Innovation Engine.

The Panama and Paradise Papers have shone a light on tax evasion/avoidance and secret offshore banking. They have also generated increased interest in who owns what as well as where and how it is owned.

The Land Registry recently made available the details of land ownership in England and Wales by UK companies and corporate bodies as well as overseas companies. Data Unlocked have been working to put this into a more usable state for exploring and finding stories.

– Who is the largest property owner in Birmingham?

– What public spaces are owned by private companies?

– Where are the buildings owned by companies based in tax havens?

We think these are just some of the interesting questions that can be answered by the data in these releases. We are keen to find out what questions other people want answered too. With that in mind we will be running this workshop session where people can get together and explore the data about land ownership in Birmingham.

This event is open to everyone regardless of whether you consider yourself to be an expert at data, land ownership or neither. If anyone needs help to explore the files then we will be on hand to offer our expertise.Parking is available either under Faraday Wharf or opposite iCentrum at Car Park 5 of Aston University.


The Danish Embassy in London, The Birmingham City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority are right now trying to promote an event called “The Liveable City” on 29/30 November2017 taking place in Birmingham in late November. In particular: the event concerning Smart Cities and the use of big data within cities could be of great relevance to Open Data. All seminars are free to attend. Registration is required.


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