• Energy in meetings
  • Attendance at meetings
  • Find out about things that are going on from WMODF

Meeting structure

  • Information exchange
  • Good Networking
  • Informative presentations
  • Sharing events
  • Making contacts with people interested in open data
  • Finding out about things: events and projects

Widening engagement, widening geography

  • WMODF has grown in size
  • Si Chun Lam joining us from Coventry
  • Expanded the membership or welcomed back old friends
  • New people joining


  • Better website, easier to read & find things
  • Finding out about events
  • Events / sharing

Widening understanding

  • Guest Speakers e.g. P. Bishop
  • Bringing in experts (P. Bishop BCC presenting strategy)
  • Engaging Metro Mayor candidates


Items in bold were agreed as immediate actions

General Issue Immediate actions proposed actions
More practical things in WMODF name, campaigning Themed meetings and invited speakers – wider sharing of thinking
‘WMODF’ – is this (‘Forum’) the best name? On-going discussion and suggestions
Responding to calendar invitations (helps with meeting planning) Please respond to Chris’s meeting invitations in your calendar
Increase our influence  
Get clearer on value / what we offer to who Links to ODI Birmingham –  discussion at ODI meetings as to what it is going to do and continue conversation with WMODF
It is just those who come & for networking – what else could we do and to/with who – benefits?  


Potential Structure Issue Immediate actions proposed actions
Day and time of meeting – experiment with different? Vary meeting times
More guest speakers Develop list of speakers linked to themes
More of (guest) presentations on projects; new knowledge

Topical meetings e.g. focus on health, ethics, energy data

Develop a plan This is the plan – all members can add to it and help it grow
Fill gap between meetings – without more meetings ODI Birmingham meetings to be developed between meetings and ODI to develop its role
Support outside of that provided by Innovation Birmingham Widening membership and locations of meetings – related to providing data staff with a purpose for coming to WMODF meetings


Links to other OD – ODI Issue Immediate actions proposed actions
Would it be useful to look at the wider digital world – where it benefits or uses Open data? Establishing links with ODI Birmingham

Promoting Open Data Camp coming to Midlands

Link between Mappa Mercia blog posts & WMODF easy ‘how to’ guides  


Funding Issue Immediate actions proposed actions
Could we consider how to link into drawing funds and working with projects Linked to establishing relationship with ODI Birmingham
Finding sponsorship  
Investigate support/funding/sponsorship? – do we need it though?  



Developing a role within the eco system Issue Immediate actions proposed actions
Do more: publicise events as we know of them (i.e. not just at meetings)

Promote WMODF and encourage wider membership

Developing themed meetings and targeting new audiences and participants 
Need to be seen more in the wider community  
Recruit – Blue Light services rep (JD changing jobs) Contact Blue light data staff
Establish WMODF as a group of ‘experts’ to go to Identifying how we promote expertise and related to Birmingham ODI
Promotion rather than marketing  
Progress outside meetings  
Promoting open data rather than marketing skills  
Identify ways to leverage/share core message & relate to related activities  
More: facilitated hacks on use of Open Data (ODI to do) – ? Developing Hacks – linking to current and potential hacks
Open Data Camp – 16, Summer Lane, B’ham or Coventry? Working with Co-ordinating group of OD Camp to bring to WM


Widening partners  Issue Immediate actions proposed actions
Reaching other parts of West Midlands, reach private sector? Holding meeting in other venues and locations and at various times 
Further extend membership across W. Midlands – SL will help promote  
Less Birmingham-centric – I don’t travel  
Consider meeting in other parts of WM other than B’ham (though B’ham easier for most)  
Si offers Coventry  
I think we could provide / help create more opportunities to work together Exploring projects / working groups based on themed work and links developed to Birmingham ODI


Compiled at WMODF meeting Jan 17th 2018 – meeting attended by Chris Price, Heike Schuster-James, Ted Ryan, Teresa Jolley, Daz Wright, Glyn Simpson, Stuart Lester, Jason Davies, Pauline Roche, Si Chun Lam, Simon Whitehouse

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