ATTENDED BY:         Pauline Roche – Chair              (RnR Organisation)

Glyn Simpson                          (TfWM)

Si Chun Lam                           (Coventry CC)

Teresa Jolley                          (DEFT153)

Ted Ryan                               (RnR Organisation)

Charlotte Johns                       (Wolverhampton CC)

Laura Collings                         (Wolverhampton CC)

Simon Whitehouse                   (Data Unlocked)

Darren Wright                         (Inside Outcomes)

Jason Davies                          (TfWM)

Sarah Harriott                         (Coventry CC)

Jessica Sweet                         (Coventry CC)

Paul Ward                              (Coventry CC)

Jon Day                                 (Coventry CC)

Liz Deacon                             (Coventry CC)

Joe Samson                            (Coventry CC)

Chris Price – Secretary             (digiconsultancy)


APOLOGIES:             Andy Reeve                            (Impact Hub)

Bethan Bishop                         (Aliciyo)

Hugo Russell                           (Innovation Birmingham)

Heike Schuster‑James              (BCU)

Helena Kucharczyk                  (Wolverhampton CC)

Raj Mack                                (BCC, Digital Birmingham)

Gavin Broughton                     (Housing Partners)

Gordon Telling                        (TfWM)

  1. The Notes of the last meeting of 21stMarch 2018 were agreed.

Matters arising:  re Birmingham burial data, there had been a positive meeting but as yet no published data.


There had been 484 accesses to the website since the last meeting.  DW gave a brief introduction to the events facility on the website (  Anyone can draft details of events, only website administrators can upload.  Teresa Jolley was added to the current administrators (SW, PR, CP, DW).

Action:    All were encouraged to add relevant events to the site.

PR reported on events.  The Data Dig Civic Society and Open Day event postponed from March was held on 27th April.  Good presentation, attendees and lunch.  Future events are listed on the website (

PR mentioned that nominations were being made for the next Open Data Camp, the last event (of 5 so far) had been held in Belfast.  Unfortunately there had not yet been one in the West Midlands.  PW suggested there might be an opportunity of holding a future Data Camp in the Coventry Foregate offices. PR has also been in touch with Peter Bishop at Birmingham City Council about hosting it in Birmingham

Action:    PR to liaise with PW & PB re feasibility of Coventry or Birmingham opportunity to hold Open Data Camp in Midlands.

WMCA and Open Data:  CP reported the update from Raj Mack that progress of open data in WMCA awaited the appointment of the CDO (person selected but not yet in post).  RM had offered a meeting to discuss WMCA and data activities.  PR, TJ and CP volunteered to represent WMODF.  Progress was expected when the office for Data Analytics in WMCA was set up.

Action:    CP to organise meeting with Raj Mack.

ODI Birmingham:  PR outlined the position of the Birmingham node which was based in iCentrum, Birmingham but had no staff resource.  There had been a steering group meeting on 20th April.  There were linked activities such as the Innovation and Low Carbon Group (meeting 7/6), the BBC Data Hack and the Data Stories Project with Southampton University.


Paul Ward, Coventry ICT and Digital Manager, presented the City’s digital strategy.  A copy of his slides is linked to these notes on the website (  The strategy can be found on Coventry’s website (  These notes focus on a few elements.

In response to a question, PW confirmed that following outsourcing to Siemens, ICT has been brought in-house working with supporting partners and suppliers.  One aspect of the strategy was the belief that adoption of digital will save money, increase income and protect frontline services.  To enable this for citizens, one aim was to encourage/enable gigabit connectivity to homes.  The Digital Strategy had 4 strands:

  • place: eg they have an interest in providing free wi-fi in the city centre and being part of the WMCA 5G pilot;
  • customers and inclusion: eg assist Mi app for disabled users;
  • communication: eg linking students to older citizens to assist with technology;
  • workforce: eg creating facilities to link/work wherever.

In principle, Coventry wants to make data available.  The concern about use of open source software was security.  There is an elected member champion for digital, Cllr Richard Brown. There was a question about whether Coventry was using data from community groups and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. There was a lack of clarity about that.

PW concluded by welcoming the work of WMODF and supported co‑operation across public services in the West Midlands.


This item was postponed to allow more time for the presentations.


Jon Day, Systems Integration and Data lead, presented an insight into how Coventry manages its data, “connecting across the silos”.  His presentation slides are linked to the meeting details on the website (  Their approach was intended to improve data accuracy, enable GDPR and improve quality, insight and outcomes.  The master data sets were properties, citizens and companies.  The Data Mart Process built on the 3 data sets brought together under the services of education, children’s social care and adults’ social care.  From these, data was extracted into a single social care level from which master data could be extracted while preserving confidentiality.  Open Data can be extracted and released from this Master Data set.  Jon can be contacted on


PR was working with Sport Birmingham on how to promote active lifestyle.  Their one‑page proposal for a hack would be circulated to WMODF members for further discussion.

Action: PR to send one-pager to CP for circulation

TJ circulated a flier of 6 upcoming events on local transport data – see event pages on the website.

JD: Transport for West Midlands aims to create a data catalogue.  Currently there is no good standard for transport metadata.

SCL was interested in data on homelessness and rental sites.

  1. There was no AOB and the next meeting is 18thJuly in Wolverhampton, starting at 11.00 am. Members will be sent an Eventbrite booking page as Wolverhampton is providing a buffet lunch 1-2pm so we need to know who is staying after the meeting to network over lunch.

Action: PR to create Eventbrite page and CP to circulate, members to complete

Presentations at the meeting:

Coventry Master Data Management May 2018 Digital

Coventry Strategy – WMODF presentation Paul Ward May 2018

~ A G E N D A ~

10.30     1)     Apologies, introductions, notes and matters arising from meeting 21/03/2018 (notes on web site)

10.40      2)     Updates on key issues/standing items

  • Web site and adding events                 DW/CP
  • Open Data events                                PR
  • Metro Mayor and Task Group              RM
  • ODI node and links to WMODF           HR

10.50      3)      Coventry’s Digital Strategy by Head of Digital and ICT         Paul Ward 

11.20      4)     Further information about planning                                         PR

11.30     4)     Presentation about Master Data Management                        Jon Day 

11.45     5)     Members’ brief updates (round robin of items and events not on agenda)

11.55     6)     AOB and dates of next meeting (18th July 2018 in Wolverhampton)

If you have a lot to report at the meeting, please submit a 1-page summary to the Secretary which can be circulated before the meeting



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