Attendance Pauline Roche, Charlotte Johns, Tim Healey, Gordon Telling, Hannah Budnitz, Chris Price  
Apologies Bethan Bishop, Glyn Simpson, Heather Clarke, Hugo Russell, Jason Davies, Si Chun Lam, Heike Schuster‑James, Teresa Jolley, Nic Carey, Ravi Kumar, Peter Bishop, Daksha Piparia, Ted Ryan  
Matters Arising Notes of meeting 27/03/2019 agreed.  
  No matters arising not on agenda.  
  PR thanked CJ for hosting the meeting in Wolverhampton.  
2.  UPDATES    
Resignation Chloe King had resigned from the group owing to job change.  
Future notes To be in tabular form. CP
WMODA Rebecca Riley, of West Midlands Office for Data Analytics (WMODA), was unable to attend to present at this meeting and would reschedule to future date.

UPDATE: RR to attend July mtg (17/7)

WMODA bid The bid led by Deft 153 for consultancy support and data sharing tender for WMODA had been unsuccessful.  
ODI node No recent meeting but mtg w/ RnR requested by IBL tenant PR/TR
Sandwell MB Council ·       New Union Open Data Steering Group Update

iSandwell Update:

During 13th‑18th May, Sandwell Council held events across Sandwell to celebrate digital for good in the region.

°       NHS Partnership project looking at analysing male mental health and how social media affects them to influence policy.

°       Sandwell College and Sandwell Council ran a youth‑led hackathon on the future of work in Sandwell, looking at work that is already here for young people in Sandwell, the jobs they would like to see in the area and what kind of industry they would invest in.

·       New Union spoke at TEDxWolverhampton on open data, smart cities, and community development.  Involvement with iSandwell ends this month (May).

Birmingham City Council Unfortunately, Peter Bishop’s workload had meant he had been unable to progress Open Data in BCC.  
Coventry City Council Following the presentation at the March meeting, future work will focus on bringing together the data and consultation platforms, for example, to automate links between local views and data.

JSNA hack in Coventry still under discussion.

Looking at use of 5G in city of culture.

TH to share Coventry’s survey of good practice
Events ·       4th June: Nesta City Data conference, Birmingham.

·       11th June: School of Code Bootcamp demo day

·       20th June: Briefing: Birmingham Commonwealth Games and Covrntry City of Culture by WM Funders Network

·       21st June: West Midlands Regional Analyst Group meeting.

·       25th June: One Team Gov Mids at West Bromwich Albion FC.

·       Blue Light Camp (due 7/6) postponed.

·       Open Data Camp – no location/date fixed yet.

Nomination for Single Dataset Proposals: Swimming pools or Library opening hours.

Aim: Establish single point of truth.

Concerns: How updated, where stored, charges, skills in Authorities, ownership of assets.

CJ to ask Rob Johnson, Head of Service, Community Information, to approach Black Country Libraries group to request co‑operation.
Datasets used & wishlists Used

Public Health Fingertips


National travel survey

OSM Points of interest



Aggregate social care, childrens

Broadband speed data (Ofcom)

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure e.g. motorway service areas – research by TRL

Digital connectivity of buildings


W’ton City Council Smart City Update Charlotte Johns presented an update of the Wolverhampton Smart City project focused on Connectivity, WV Insight, and Hackathons.  Presentation attached.

·       CJ now Head of Strategy with responsibility for Open Data.

·       Data identified as strategic strand.

·       Tim Johnson, Managing Director, Wolverhampton, lead for 5G in WM.

Also, WCC has new leader Cllr Ian Brookfield

4.  WORKING WITH OFFICES FOR DATA ANALYTICS There was great interest in WMODA and its role:

·       Will it have the expertise to investigate data like the ‘Navy Seals’ in New York?

·       How will it link to other groups, eg WMODF?

·       What powers to request/require open data access, including the private sector?

5.  MEMBERS’ BRIEF UPDATES ·       Data beers Warwick – events linking data and beer in Warwick.

·       Much public data is submitted to, and held by, national bodies such as ONS and CIPFA.

·       Fingertips from Public Health England provides much health info.

·       The national travel survey published on provides a wide range of info but open access restricted to regional data.

·       Open Street Map has rich, crowd‑sourced local data.

·       Ofcom data is extensive but there are sensitivities, eg re service outages.

·       Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is an emerging area.

·       Coventry has a phone charging exercise bike outside the rail station.

·       Wiredscore provides a rating system on digital infrastructure – Zoopla has tab for broadband speed.


Next meeting 30th July in Birmingham

UPDATE: Change of date to 17th July, group to send Rebecca Riley topics/questions of interest in advance.



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