Present Pauline Roche, Chris Price Mike Rose, Glyn Simpson, Nic Carey, Teresa Jolley, Malkiat Thiarai, Hugo Russell, Ted Ryan    
In attendance Rebecca Riley    
Apologies Charlotte Johns, Hannah Budnitz, Daksha Piparia, Marcia Sandel‑Massey, Ravi Kumar, Si Chun Lam, Tim Healey, Ralph Smith, Heike Schuster‑James, Jason Davies    
Matters Arising Notes of meeting 22/05/2019 agreed.    
  No matters arising not on agenda.    
Welcome Malkiat Thiarai, Corporate Information Manager, Birmingham City Council (BCC), attending for Peter Bishop who is now Director, Digital and Customer Services, BCC.

Mike Rose, independent consultant working with DEFT153, previously at the Open Data Institute.

Rebecca Riley, Head of Research and the West Midlands Office for Data Analytics, would lead item 3.

2.  UPDATES      
Resignation Bethan Bishop has resigned from the group.    
ODI node PR had met an SME in Innovation Birmingham re potential collaboration.    
Birmingham City Council MT was responsible for FoIs in BCC and was examining the data requests to see if publishing data might reduce the demands of processing FoIs.  He was also looking at the use of current published data and the future of the Birmingham data portal.    
Coventry City Council Coventry was continuing to develop the APIs to support their city‑wide Intelligence Hub.  Tim Healey had shared the responses to the enquiries he made re library data and innovative approaches. Publish good practice examples on website – CP  
Wolverhampton City Council Charlotte Johns had attended one of the WMODA workshops (see later).  Rob Johnson, Chief Librarian of WCC, was willing to take issues around open data to his West Midlands colleagues. Follow up – PR  
Data usage ·       PR was using FoIs to seek data on library closures and the use of volunteers.

·       HR was examining how to improve the social media profiles of businesses through data analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Data Wish List ·       GS expressed interest in cycling data.

·       TJ sought data use for business, especially re transport.

·       NC wanted data on funding opportunities.

·       TR was working on better ageing programmes in Sparkbrook and the data currently not collected by voluntary/informal groups.

·       RR was faced with prioritisation across a wide range of economic activity.

Events ·       Nominations were being accepted for the West Midlands Women in Tech Awards event on 3 October, deadline 23rd Aug

·       DataJam West Midlands, Sept 11th-12th, Birmingham City University, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Microsoft and the West Midlands Combined Authority.

·       Birmingham Tech Week, 7‑11 October, was receiving expressions of interest in hosting events – PR has expressed interest in WMODF hosting an event

·       Hack the Midlands takes place on 26-27 October.

·       The venue for Open Data Camp 7, 2‑3 November, will be announced by 20 July. UPDATE: Venue is Geovation Hub, London

·       PR mentioned that the DCMS were holding consultation events on a National data strategy.  The steering group was interested in holding an event in July/August in the region for 30‑50 people.  RR offered a room at the University. UPDATE: PR has emailed offer to contact at DIT

Make nominations – all;

Express interest – PR; Apply for places x 2 – all;

Express interest – PR

Other Updates MR had been working with the Ethiopian Government re open data and agriculture.  PR suggested this should be presented at a future meeting. Future agenda item  
Data Discovery Centre TJ presented an overview of the progress of the Data Discovery Centre ( and developments by DEFT153, which is now an accredited Bloom supplier.    
  DEFT153 can provide agile discovery, collaborative events, and storytelling for business.    
  The scope of their partnerships and range of customers supported is extending.  Projects include Traffex 2019, TfWM Real Time Information options.    
  TJ explored ways in which DEFT153 could assist in connecting WMODF and WMODA.    
  RR mentioned her concerns that Fintech was associated with London rather than the West Midlands but felt that the region needs a full service solution to digitalising Business Intelligence.    
3.  WMODA ‑
Rebecca Riley described the current consultation being undertaken by PA Consulting to identify data assets information sharing and map skills and to assist in prioritising work.    
  Her goal was to maximise the future benefits of data for decision making within the two years left on the ODA contract.  She believed that the ODA across the region should:

·       improve efficiencies in databases and tools,

·       increase analytical capabilities,

·       facilitate collaboration,

·       be a champion for data.

  Slides outlining the aims of WMODA and the consultation are located here on our website. Load slides to site – CP  
  RR aimed to prioritise work on both ODA projects and the sponsorship of others’ projects and support of funding applications.  As well as forecasting economic activity, there were important areas such as:

·       air quality,

·       demographics,

·       noise pollution,

·       cycling,

·       ageing population.

  There was discussion about:

·       data/BI skills – shortage, apprenticeships,

·       wider role for public health,

·       role of universities,

·       monitoring and evaluation,

·       linking funding and skills to projects.

WMODA and WMODF There was a need to change the ethos of open data, to pool data, platforms and skills.

Can WMODF provide a porous community, connect to staff with skills who are often at the bottom of organisations and foster passion for data?

  RR invited WMODF to attend the final workshop by PA on Tuesday 23 July.  Their report should be completed by late August/early September. TJ/NC to attend for WMODF  


Re governance structures, WMODF could be a member of the WMODA Operations Board.  
  RR to be invited to future meeting to provide feedback on the report and continue to explore collaboration. Future agenda item
  WMODF to respond to RR re: working together Working party to meet and draft response – PR, TR, TJ, NC, MR
4.  BRIEF UPDATES Covered earlier in the meeting.  
5.  AOB AND FUTURE MEETINGS Next meetings 25 September and 27 November.  


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