Present Pauline Roche, Teresa Jolley, Mike Rose, Si Chun Lam, Ted Ryan, Chris Price  
In attendance Devon Geary  
Apologies Charles McCay, Charlotte Johns, Daksha Piparia, Glyn Simpson, Hannah Budnitz, Heather Clark, Heike Schuster‑James, Jason Davies, Ravi Kumar, Tim Healey, Paul Beckley, Malkiat Thiarai  
Matters Arising Notes of meeting 17/07/2019 agreed. CP to circulate quick highlights after the meeting.
  No matters arising not on agenda.
  PR thanked Eagle Labs, Birmingham, for providing the meeting place.
Welcome Devon Geary is an Ambassador for Birmingham Tech Week (7‑11 October) and the Tech4Good lead.  She is organising “This is our Brum” event on 9 October, 10am‑4pm, examining how the Commonwealth Games, HS2 and the tech boom will impact on Birmingham’s 3 sectors and vulnerable people.  
2.  UPDATES    
Links with WMODA PA Consulting identified 6 priority cases from their workshops – report to be released by end September.  
  Following a meeting with Rebecca Riley, WMODF have submitted 5 suggestions for working with WMODA:

1 Community-building events / hacks

2 Training workshops

3 Testing, and making the case to government for, a sustainable model of operation for the WMODA data analytics network

4. Content and narrative that engages, informs and shares learning

5. Members breadth of experience at developing/delivering activity at a strategic and operational level


Follow‑up required, TJ to lead.

Outline proposals to be published.

Local A Regional Data Research Centre (The Exchange) will be opened in the previous Municipal Bank building on Broad Street.  
  TJ recommended the experience of Glasgow in organising the Commonwealth Games and the 1990 European City of Culture.  
  DG outlined the Library of Birmingham and University of Birmingham project ‘Everything to Everybody’, funded by the National Lottery.  
  Key opportunity identified for the local economy to use data/data visualisation to build on local events (eg Coventry City of Culture and the Commonwealth Games), and local cultural offers (eg libraries and museums) to attract businesses and tourism in the longer term, not just for the duration of the attractions.  
  Wolverhampton were progressing the 5G project – agenda item for next meeting in Wolverhampton.  
  Coventry continuing API development for their data hub.  SCL highlighted lack of consistency in API development.  
  TR talked about research on data sets in Voluntary and Community sectors, especially re lack of joined‑up information re older carers.  
  New Union have published their toolkit for Open Data workshops ( based on their work in Sandwell.  
ODI node Links continuing with local SME, Third Skin – PR, TR & TJ to meet with them after this meeting  


Data Discovery Centre Following a workshop on 30 August, 5 areas of focus have been identified. TJ to share areas of focus.  
Open Data Events ‘Hack the Midlands’: 26‑27 October.    
  Open Data Camp 7: 2‑3 November in Geovation Hub, London.    
  ‘This is our Brum’ by Birmingham Tech4Good, 9 October, 10am‑4pm, as part of Birmingham Tech Week.    
3.  MIKE ROSE PRESENTATION ‘Open Data is Dead’    
  MR provided a preview of a presentation he will make as part of ODI Friday lunchtime broadcasts.    
  Views based on his experience with ODI and working in Ethiopia on a project looking at data sharing re agronomy; the aim is for Ethiopia to be self-sufficient in food by 2022.    
  Following Simon Sinek’s rule, he focused on WHY data exchange was needed, not the What or How.    
  From a brief policy document, 20 actions were identified iteratively through workshops facilitated by Mike.    
  Key message: Open Data is Dead – As an Outcome focus on identifying the need and then the data to be released.    
  From mtg discussion: Why would local authorities cooperate? – tourism?  Why would the different sectors exchange information? – focal point for Birmingham Tech Week?  What is the WHY for the Region and WMODA? – where’s the commonality of need?    
4.  BREXIT PROGRESS Meeting felt that government is now less open, local government more centralised. Amidst the general gloom, there was a positive in the change to allow graduates 2 years of residency.  
  Government becoming more secretive, less open.  
5.  BRIEF UPDATES National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) publishes data annually from members and the Charity Commission in an Almanac.  
6.  AOB and FUTURE MEETINGS Next meeting 27 November 2019 in Wolverhampton.  


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