Present Pauline Roche, Charlotte Johns, Glyn Simpson, Heather Clark, Malkiat Thiarai, Ted Ryan, Si Chun Lam, Tim Healey, Chris Price  
  In attendance Jeffrey Wood, Neil Samways, Harjeet Cheema  
  Apologies Nic Carey, Ravi Kumar, Teresa Jolley, Heike Schuster‑James, Daksha Piparia, Devon Geary, Hugo Russell, Jason Davies, Peter Bishop, Ralph Smith, Rebecca Riley, Mario Gutierrez‑Roig, Federico Botta  
  Matters Arising Notes of meeting 25/09/2019 agreed.  
    Birmingham Tech Week was a success and will be an annual event.  
    Mike Rose successfully delivered his ODI lunchtime lecture.  
    A PowerPoint summary of the WMODA report had been distributed.  
  Welcome Jeffrey Ward and Neil Samways were attending their first meeting for BCU School of Social Services.  
    Harjeet Cheema, from Harrison Consulting, attended.  
  Local Updates and Data Priorities MT mentioned that Birmingham City Council is establishing an internal data ethics board.  
    Council data on SEN in East Birmingham was being collected.  Adult & children social care data from NHS is needed.  
    Coventry was unable to attract Power BI specialists because of uncompetitive salaries.  They were approaching the Mental Health Trust for information.  Data on social care would be valuable, although may be of poor quality. CP to create agenda items for data ‘wish lists’.
    GS reported a regional transport co‑ordination centre was being established to bring together rail and bus to plan for specific events.  
    HC was working with Birmingham data to create visual dashboards.  Will contact Wolverhampton for their open data.  
    JW focused on three PhD student projects with other organisations to use tools to create useful information from their existing large data sets rather than smaller one‑off exercises.  
    TH is working on a performance evaluation framework for the City of Culture 2021 and is seeking supporting data sets.  He illustrated the challenges with the example of identifying how many pharmacies were available (open and working); existing data does not reflect ongoing changes, eg closures.  There were similar issues with GP surgeries and schools. CP to add to next agenda an update on the Coventry Insight Centre.
    PR reported that Beatfreeks had published Brum Youth trends 2019, Lloyds Bank has published its annual Index of Digital Skills in charities and SMEs and that WM Funders Network conference in March will include a workshop on data  
    TR is continuing work with Ageing Better in Sparkbrook, including on the available data and the data which should be available and used  
    CJ was concerned about data skills availability in the Voluntary Sector and would like to see more collaboration with the WMODA  
  Links with WMODA PR has a scheduled meeting with Rebecca Riley about how WMODF can assist WMODA priorities.

Issues:·       Lack of a common approach to avoiding restrictions on sharing data because of GDPR – an agile data sharing template is needed with a linked checklist.  MT has experience with the University of Warwick and TH has with Public Health.

It was agreed that a letter on behalf of all the members of WMODF, local authorities, universities, and private sector is sent by PR to Rebecca to raise the issues above.



    ·       The WMODA report was useful in identifying the range of organisations engaged with data, who uses what, data flows, required skills, etc.  However, it did clarify how people could be empowered to benefit from data; regrettably there was no recognition of the role of WMODF. CP to put the report and issues arising on the agenda of the next meeting.
  Open Data ·       The WM Funders Network will have a joint conference with One Walsall and SCVO titled Working Together Differently on 12 March 2020.  
   Events ·       Open Data Camp 7 in London 2-3rd Nov was very successful, with 35+sessions including PR leading a session on building data economy in a low tech environment nd pitching a session on Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a world designed for Men; PR had also obtained  copy of The State of Open Data: Histories and Horizons to show to WMODF colleagues.

Local Gov Camp 15th Nov included a session showing delegates how to use Data and Public Services toolkits supplied by ODI – PR had attended and obtained a copy of two ODI toolkits to show to WMODF colleagues

On 11 December there is a morning workshop in Edgbaston on exploiting data in the rail industry organised by STFC, BCRRE and DIGI‑RAIL.

    ·       iSandwell have published details of their award scheme (see  
  W’ton Smart City Presentation CJ presented the Wolverhampton Council smart city plan (see

A smart city requires excellent digital infrastructure and Wolverhampton was planning for full fibre broadband and 5G mobile connectivity.  This investment was supported by an economic business case estimated to have £27m direct benefits over 15 years.  Even though there is generally good connectivity across the city, only 0.29% is full fibre.  Projects include:

·       Full fibre to premises connecting public sector and offering vouchers to SMEs.

·       WMCA Urban Connected communities rollout of 5G, including upgrading lamp posts to run 5G and smart technologies.

    Future applications cover other areas of the Internet of Things, eg parking, congestion, public transport, waste management.  
    Their information portal, WV Insight (, was continuing to be developed in line with the City’s commitment to opening up council data.  
3. BRIEF UPDATES SCL outlined an approach by Warwick Business School aimed at linking pictures to data with reference to mapping deprivation.

They are interested in working with WMODF and local councils and had offered to attend/host a future meeting.

PR and others to link to Warwick in Jan to progress possibilities.
    CJ mentioned that Google had approached WMCA re a ‘climate change calculator’.  
4. AOB and FUTURE MEETINGS 29 January, hosted by Birmingham City Council.

25 March – Sandwell to be approached.



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