This is the agenda for the meeting of the Steering Group to be held on Wednesday 29th January 2020 in 10, Woodcock St. Birmingham, B7 4BL

~ A G E N D A ~

11.00     1)     Introductions, apologies, notes and matters arising from meeting 27/11/2019 (

11.10      2)     Updates on key issues/standing items

  • Links with WMODA    PR
  • Update on local Councils’ Open Data     ALL
  • Open Data events    PR
    • Birmingham User design workshop TR/PR

11.30     3)     Coventry Insight Centre                                                   SCL

11.45      4)      Birmingham City Council latest data developments          Sam Hall 

12.30     5)     Members’ brief updates (round robin of items and events not on agenda)

12.55     6)     AOB and dates, location and focus of next meeting 

CIRCULATION LIST (updated Jan 2020): Pauline Roche (RnR Organisation), Ted Ryan (RnR Organisation), Chris Price (digiconsultancy), Katharine Fuller (Innovation Birmingham), Heike Schuster‑James (BCU), Stuart Lester (TfWM), Teresa Jolley, (DEFT 153 Ltd, Future Highways), Glyn Simpson (WMCA), Gordon Telling (Sustainable Freight Solutions), Andy Radford (BCC Transport), Darren Wright (Inside Outcomes), Ravi Kumar (Black Country Consortium), Stuart Harrison (FutureGov), Heather Clarke (Wolverhampton CC), Nathan Coyle (Our New Union), Jason Davies (WM Violence Reduction Unit), James Cattell (Defra), Alex Hogan (eticlab), Andy Reeve (Impact Hub Birmingham), Ardavan Amini (BCU), Mike Waters (WMCA), Paul Beckley (South Staffs plc), Pupul Chatterjee (Centre for Investigative Journalism), Nic Cary (Waysphere), SiChun Lam (Coventry CC), Tim Healey (Coventry CC), Andy Mabbett (Freelance), Gavin Broughton (Housing Partners), Peter Bishop (Birmingham CC), Charlotte Johns (Wolverhampton CC), Laura Collings (Wolverhampton CC), Hugo Russell (The Success Generator), Mike Rose, Malkiat Thiarai (Birmingham CC)

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