These are the notes of the WMODF Steering Group meeting held in Birmingham City Council Woodcote Street on Wednesday 29th January 2020.

  Attendance Ravi Kumar, Ted Ryan, Dr Jeffrey Wood, Chris Price, Pauline Roche, Si Chun Lam  
  Present Nicola Bryant, Perminder Sandhu, Rebecca Moseley, Steve Halliday  
  Apologies Marcia Sandel‑Massey, Tim Healey, Peter Bishop, Hugo Russell, Jason Davies, Nic Carey, Teresa Jolley, Glyn Simpson, Charlotte Johns, Gordon Telling, Heather Clark  
  Matters Arising Notes of meeting 27/11/2019 agreed.  
    CP to write to all group contacts to confirm they wish to remain on distribution list. PR to contact Warwick Business School re future links.
  Links with WMODA Following a letter sent by PR on behalf of the group, details of WMODF will be included in the final report.  Further co‑operation is still under negotiation, especially re event to be organised after the May elections, possibly re complex needs.  
    The Wolverhampton Smart City Digital Infrastructure Strategy has been approved by Cabinet.  
  Data Usage & Wish Lists RK: Used: Ofcom Connected Nations Data.

Wants: Location of connectivity for fibre and 5G developments, phone masts (requested from DCMS Barrier busting team)

    PS: Used: Crime, special needs, education, housing

Wants: How citizen analysts use and feed back re Public Sector data.

    MT: Used: FoI data to locate trends, eg popular info such as waste collection routes, recycycling

Wants: Better data flow, Is 3rd party data robust/good quality?

    NB: Used: E B’ham information working with BCU (Sprint in March), Twitter

Wants: Sensors around the city.

    SCL: Wants: Community information on assets, eg local knitting clubs or those for Syrian refugees, Youth Services across faith groups.  
    CP: Used: Pollution

Wants: Best practice across region, Data on follow‑up to complaints to BCC

    JW: Wants: Existing community data for analysis by his three funded PhD students, special education needs Intro to Jayne Haynes, Birmingham Live – PR
    TR: Used: Adult social care

Wants: Collection of data from/about informal community services and measurement of impact of adult services.  Identification of real needs of individuals in the community.

    PR: Used: Index of deprivation.

Wants: Open data re funders, Better data flow, Data sharing

  Events ·       Global Open Data Day 2020 is on Saturday 7th March.  WMODF has previously organised a local event for the day before (ie 6th). PR welcomed members wishing to organise to mark the day Suggestions/Offers to PR
    ·       Open Knowledge Foundation is offering grants to civil society to organise activities re environmental data, tracking public expenditure, open mapping, data for equal development.  
    ·       WM Mayoral election, May 2020. Members agreed WMODF should write to candidates to request views/plans re Open Data (as per 2017) Agenda item for next mtg

Insight Programme

Nicola Bryant, supported by Perminder Sandhu, presented Birmingham’s Insight Programme which she is leading and the slides are available on the website: (  
    The broad aim is to develop the Council as information‑led and evidence‑based.  The focus is on internal data with the aim to “think big, start small and deliver quickly” within a programme of 2‑3 years duration.  One of the outputs will be a Business Intelligence Competency Centre. BCC staff are being shown how to use data modelling instead of e.g. Excel spreadsheets  
    Phase I aims, by March 2020, to make significant progress, including Data & Research Ethics Frameworks.

Intention to use apprenticeship schemes to help build skills base

    Using Power BI tools, it is aimed to have some case studies completed in the Spring and it was agreed to share these in a future meeting.  Power BI is also used in Coventry, Wolverhampton, and Black Country LEP.

East Birmingham is the best example of open data use. There will be an East Birmingham sprint on 2nd March

NB/CP/PR to organise WMODF May meeting (20th) in suitable BCC location to allow presentation
  Coventry Insight Intelligence Hub Si Chun shared the work being done in Coventry around Insight towards the Insight Team Plan and the city’s Digital First strategy, which in turns works towards the city’s One Coventry vision (  The Insight team has 10 staff in total, of which 6 are data analysts.  
    Working closely across Insight and ICT, Si Chun has led Coventry’s development of a Citywide Intelligence Hub (, which pulls data together from different sources, from LGInformPlus (, Public Health England Fingertips (, Police API; and are experimenting, through working with the Coventry and Warwickshire Analyst Knowledge Sharing Network, bringing in public health data, particularly to address issues around children in crisis.  
    They now have a data platform approach towards bringing datasets together, internal and external, which allows them to compare and contrast indicators using the citywide intelligence hub, and enables more advanced analytics in future.  The work also provided the underlying data for their place-based joint strategic needs assessment ( — where they bring data alongside a story-telling narrative to bring together quantitative data, and community intelligence in a way that’s meaningful to members of the public.  
    Some of the continuing challenges include: getting wider buy-in from more service areas, skills gap in more advanced analytical methods; and challenges with legacy systems where data isn’t as portable.

All the content is on Cov CC Github

  Birmingham City Council Steve Halliday joined the meeting to talk about developments in the IT&D strategy.  Last July 360 staff transferred (TUPE) from Service Birmingham and now 95% of IT contracts were in‑house (exceptions data centre, telephony).  Applications were being moved from SAP to Oracle.  Sam Hall is now CIO and Ass’t Director of ICT and Digital, joining from ONS.  
    The IT&D strategy will be reviewed and should be available by the Autumn.  The Deputy Leader is responsible for data issues. Invite BCC to update
re strategy in Autumn
4. AOB and FUTURE MEETINGS 25th March, 11.00‑13.00, hosted by Sandwell with networking lunch

20th May, 11.00‑13.00, hosted by Birmingham CC



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