These are the brief notes of a one hour zoom meeting held on Wednesday 20th May 2020 14.00-15.00 with main topic:

Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) presented by Tom Forth

Attended by
Pauline Roche,RnR Chairperson; Daksha Piparia,Coventry; Chris Price,Secretary; Nic Carey,Deft153; Ted Ryan,RnR; Hugo Russell,Wolverhampton University; Si Chun Lam,Coventry CC; Paul Bradshaw,BCU; Heike Schuster-James,BCU; Teresa Jolley,Deft 153; Maryna Ramcharan,WMODA; Tom Forth,Guest Speaker ODI Leeds
Apologies Jason Davies, Richard Brown, Nicola Bryant (unable to connect)

Tom gave an introduction to IMDbased on the entry in Wikipedia which he had recently updated (other contributions welcomed). There are issues with UK data such as different measures by each home nation which prevents comparisons. Also because by England’s standards nearly all of Birmingham is deprived mapping data like Covid-19 deaths onto local deprivation was unhelpful. There was a need to recalibrate.
ONS reports used age standardised mortality rates and set least deprived areas to zero on their charts. Tom had worked on different analyses and his code has been uploaded to github. We hope to upload his presentation and maps to the WMODF site. ONS analyses show increased deprivation implies higher mortality but his recalibrations for Birmingham show no pattern ie the virus affects everyone.
In discussion:
• In France there is much more data at Departement level
• There is no definitive list of care homes to assist in locating mortality hotspots
• Covid testing is skewed towards health and care staff, many of whom live in the more deprived areas.
• Ben Goldacre’s paper was referenced re Covid NHS data

The meeting was welcomed by participants and monthly meetings would be scheduled on Zoom. Next meeting Wednesday 24th June 2-3pm. Potential areas to be covered Transport information during restricted times ad latest developments in our Local Authorities.

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