Ofcom report recently published on adults media usage and attitudes can be found at

Click to access adults-media-use-and-attitudes-2020-report.pdf

Key findings:
Digital media take-up and use
• Adults increasingly prefer smaller, portable devices for going online: 34% only use devices
other than a computer to go online, an increase since 2018, and 11% only use a smartphone to
go online.
• Connected devices and smart technologies are increasingly being adopted.
• Thirteen per cent of UK adults do not use the internet, unchanged since 2014, and threequarters of them say that nothing would encourage them to go online in the next 12 months.
• Those aged 55+ or in the DE socio-economic group remain less likely to go online.
• Two-thirds of UK adults access content on demand, an increase since 2018.
• Social media users are increasingly using multiple social media sites/apps.
• Internet users are less likely than in 2018 to agree that people should be able to hide their
identity online to express their views anonymously.
• Device use and online activity can also impact critical engagement.
Critical understanding
• Internet users are less likely than in 2018 to validate online information sources, and one in
ten internet users do not consider the truthfulness of factual information they find online.
• People are increasingly aware of personal data issues, but there is still a gap between their
stated confidence in managing personal data and their understanding of the different ways in
which companies collect personal data online.
• Similarly, there is a continued gap in confidence vs. understanding of online advertising; only
half of search engine users can correctly identify advertising on Google search results and
understand that this is the only reason these results appear at the top of the list.

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