These are the brief notes of a one hour video meeting using Microsoft Teams held on Wednesday 24th June 2020 14.00-15.00 with main topic: Progress on Birmingham City Council Insight project.

Attended by Ravi Kumar, Black Country, Tim Healey, Coventry, Glyn Simpson, TfWM, Marcia Sandel-Massey, Sandwell Maryna Ramcharan, WMCA, Jeffrey Wood, BCU, Nicola Bryant, Birmingham City Council, Chris Price, Secretary, Gordon Telling, Perminder Sandhu, Birmingham CC, Pauline Roche, Chair, RnR, Ted Ryan, RnR

Updates: Coventry

We have been very busy with our local response to covid-19:

  1. First was implementing our local response to the NHS/MHCLG vulnerable and shielded list (around 13,000 people) to ensure NHS, MHCLG and self-identified people who need help have food, medicine and contact (data matched to our social care and NHS datasets and calls made through our CV Life [i.e. leisure centre] staff who would otherwise be furloughed).
  2. Next was our Shield+ operation which is about identifying people through using our (plus partner) datasets (e.g. gas/electricity/water priority service register, fire service safe and well, council tax single person discount, etc.) in novel ways to identify people who might need help but don’t show up on the NHS/MHCLG lists or otherwise haven’t presented themselves as needing help.  This resulted in a list of 3,500 households who were contacted by our contact centre – of which around 10% needed help and assistance.  Recognising the significant number of local community and voluntary groups that are also working in this space we have connected people to local support and also developed our web resources on to provide links to all sorts of resources from community groups to education and business support.
  3. The work that is now pretty much consuming all of our time now is the Test and Trace system across Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire – while there is a national system in place, local areas are responding to more complex outbreaks that can’t be dealt with by a centralised call centre/website. The way we’re doing it is by getting the right data and intelligence in place, and then working with partners who are trusted in the community to undertake contact tracing.


like all other authorities we have been very busy with our local response to covid-19:

  1. First was implementing our local response to the NHS/MHCLG vulnerable and shielded list, to ensure NHS and self-identified people who need help have food, medicine and contact; our neighbourhoods staff and staff from across the council have been busy setting up and operating a council run foodbank, making calls to vulnerable families; meals have also been delivered to those children who would normally be in receipt of free school meals.

“Staff are doing a fantastic job of supporting some of our most vulnerable residents. Just to give you an idea of the scale we have phoned 11,000 people aged over 75 who are on the government’s shielding list or known to our Adult Social Care. This list is expanding all the time and a 2,500-name list from government has also been received”

  1. A new digital form has been created and the council has paid out more than 800 Business Rate Grants  with more applications coming in, following a telephone campaign by the team to inform borough businesses about the scheme.
  1. Public Health have been supporting staff with online mental health courses and Black Country NHS has launched a new 24/7 mental health helpline for people living in Sandwell.
  1. Our Communities Team have been working with third sector organisations in setting up a volunteer programme and a befriending scheme, facilitating the matching up of volunteers to vulnerable people that are in need of support. We hope to continue this support going forward utilising an online system to match people up.


Nicola Bryant and Perminder Sandhu presented the progress on the Birmingham Insight programme.  The powerpoint presentation is here WMODF_BCC_Insight_Programme June 2020

There is significant progress on developing use cases – the first 2 being Council Performance reports and East Birmingham data on vulnerability. They use Oracle SQL and PowerBI.

Issues for LA data reporting are how to include community/3rd sector data and providing access to source data (open data) through Power BI

The next vid meeting will be Wednesday 22nd July 2-3pm.


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