These are the highlights of the Zoom meeting of WMODF chaired by Pauline Roche held on 18th November 14.00 – 15.30 which focused on the WMODF response to the consultation on the National Data Strategy.

The video meeting attended by 15 people discussed the National Data Strategy which includes a consultation process currently underway (deadline 2 Dec).  This topic was illuminated by Rachel Coldicutt former CEO of Careful Industries and Dr. Milly Zimeta of the Open Data Institute. The recording of the meeting has been circulated.

Key points:

  • The strategy document offers a framework covering all data, is aimed at ‘experts’ and is light on detail.  It  presents no vision of a data-driven UK and offers no targets or measures.
  • MZ provided useful links to ODI analysis and 2 Royal Society blog posts 1 and 2.  RC shared her draft briefing note.
  • Issues identified:
    • Current approaches see data shared about those who can’t take part (eg credit record and Covid tests),  missing and inaccurate data impacts (eg Windrush) and doesn’t acknowledge much data held in the community (eg records of lunch clubs).  There is currently much public distrust in ‘official data’ (fake news)
    • National initiatives and standards are essential but effective implementation must take account of local realities.  Where will responsibility and local commitment lie and what resources provided? Can peer support enable improved leadership in public bodies.
    • Much basic work is needed on data quality and access (not just shiny innovation) . How can one approach unite international, national and local data; public, private and 3rd sector data; and a lack of understanding and skills at all levels.

WMODF offered support to those responding to the consultation and will reply directly about key aspects (predominantly questions 1,4,6,7,9,12 and 13).  A draft will be circulated for improvement.

Next vid meeting planned for Wed 27th Jan 2021 at 14.00

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