These are the highlights of the meeting of WMODF via Microsoft Teams on Monday 13th Spetember 2021

The meeting had presentations by Adam Hawksbee (WMCA) and Millie Zimeta (ODI)

  • AH outlined the WMCA digital roadmap’s 5 missions; the data mission includes:
    • Building WM datastore and developing key ‘use cases’ focused on Economic recovery and Reaching net zero
    • Progress is resource restricted but is reported on Trello
    • facilitated by WMODF, WMCA and ODI worked together to apply for project funding from RPI
  • MZ shared the latest about ODI from her policy standpoint
    • In the end there were no joint bids to RPI although there ws ongoing interaction with Stuart Lester at WMCA
    • Following the consultation over the National Data Strategy (the WMODF response is here ) the Government has issued an update on the 5 missions. ODI are working with Government on mission 3.
    • ODI do not believe that one approach fits everyone so there should be a localism agenda and interactions eg region to region forming part of the government levelling up agenda. What implications for WMCA and WMODF.
  • Pauline Roche resigned as chair of WMODF. Members expressed their thanks for her leadership. Si Chun Lam ( accepted a role of contact lead for WMODF.
  • Updates:
    • JW ( has 3 PhD students working on aspects of open data
    • Black Country Authorities are reviewing their digital (smart city) strategies
    • GS ( now has wider role in digital and data development.
    • Coventry is refreshing its corporate plan with more focus on climate change
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