West Midlands Open Data Forum (WMODF) promotes the release, re-use and integration of open data to benefit communities, businesses and public services in the West Midlands area.

Open Data

Open Data is data that anyone can access, use or share as defined by the Open Data Institute (ODI).  WMODF subscribes to the view that non-personal data collected by organisations carrying out a publicly-funded task should be published under an open licence by public authorities, social enterprises or private companies.

An open licence* complies with the Open Definition as identified by Open Knowledge.

WMODF believes that central and local government departments should publish under the Open Government Licence. Non-government organisations can publish under other open licences .


The  West Midlands Open Data Forum was initiated by Digital Birmingham and has operated since March 2013. It is an independent group which influences, advises and lobbies on issues relating to the release and use of public data by local government and other publicly funded services.


WMODF brings together developers, activists, public authorities, universities, third sector and business communities around open data. It aims to encompass all data owners and data users in and around the West Midlands who wish to see data used more widely and looks to link their interests to create more effective activity. It focuses on encouraging the open release of data to empower citizens, support business and economic gain and help improve the provision of services by:

  • Championing  public bodies that are innovating, using and releasing open data to improve their accountability to users and to improve the services they provide.
  • Disseminating information, supporting events and assisting initiatives to harness open data and to connect users, developers and data providers to mutual benefit
  • Sharing good practice, guiding and reviewing the development of platforms, standards and processes for the use of open data

WMODF meets regularly (see Agenda/Minutes section) and welcomes interest from all who share the organisations purpose.  Please contact us if you wish to contribute (@wmodf)

WMODF is currently working to extend its network in public bodies and with developers with particular interest in the development of the West Midlands Combined Authority.

We coordinate our activities with  Mappa Mercia and with the ODI Birmingham Node at Innovation Birmingham.

We support the work of the Open Data Commission, a partnership between RnR Organisation and WMODF.