To promote the release, re-use and integration of open data to benefit communities, businesses and public services in the West Midlands area by:

  • championing  public bodies that are innovating, using and releasing open data to improve their accountability to users and to improve the services they provide.
  • disseminating information, supporting events and assisting initiatives to harness open data and to connect users, developers and data providers to mutual benefit
  • sharing good practice, guiding and reviewing the development of platforms, standards and processes for the use of open data

The Forum aspires to be the meeting place and clearinghouse for good practice and negotiation between interest groups about how to implement open data and transparency policies. The Forum challenges, influences and advises. It  recommends tasks that should be taken forward by local government, other public bodies and commercial data holders. Our remit covers topics including:

  • Data quality, comparability and accessibility.
  • Data-sharing between agencies, regional, national and international
  • Obstacles to data release and re-use including legal frameworks
  • Good practice in FOIs, data release and re-use
  • Linking expertise to data opportunities and solutions to needs
  • Generation and implementation of open data policies
  • Monitoring implementation of open data policies in public authorities and their contracting organisations


Over time, WMODF plans to impact as follows:

  • An active open data community in West Midlands and its surrounding area
  • A national/international profile for open data activity in the West Midlands
  • Economic, service and social improvements
  • Opening up and routine publication of local public service data
  • An evidence base on strategies for and use of open data by public services and business.
  • An efficient process for the request and availability of open data
  • Advice and monitoring of Freedom of Information policies concerning data.
  • Advice and monitoring of Open Access publication of research findings and data.
  • Advice and monitoring of open tender processes for public contracts.