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Local Authorities 



Solihull Open Data Page

Solihull approach to Open Data

“The Council has met its obligations to publish open data for procurement and salaries. More than that it has ambitions to publish all non-sensitive data as open data. Open Data and big data, some argue, are the fuel of the emerging knowledge economy and enable the co-production we are seeking in the Social Council. This ambition, however is behind other priorities the council has and will not receive investment unless it does not adversely impact on other key outcomes.”


Central Government

The single data list is a list of all the datasets that local government must submit to central government.

Guidance: Single data list  published by Central Government Guidance: Single data list


Police Open Data

West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service openness

European Union

Publications about open data; the Eurocities open data guidebook provides cities with an introduction and overview of open data. It shares lessons learned by our member cities, examines the reasons for opening data and gives an overview of some of the challenges and solutions in the process.

Eurocities open data guidebook

EU Open Data portal learning resources