Open Data User Guide

Birmingham and West Midlands Localised guide for Open data

European Community Share-PSI Best Practices

Birmingham City Council is a member of the Share-PSI network.
Pshare_psi_logo_vert_RGBSI stands for Public Sector Information Sharing. The network has members from 28 European states, mostly from government organisations that are responsible for the publication of open data and other public sector information. Share-PSI has developed a catalogue of best practices around open data and technical advice for data on the web, supported by the W3C working group.
We have developed a more local view to share our experience of working with UK local authorities, public and third sector organisations. This guide provides additional insight and references applicable Share-PSI best practices. It can also be downloaded here.


1.0 Introductions and Background

2.0 Principles and benefits

3.0 Releasing Data

3.1    Targeting data to release
3.2   Easing release process

3.2.1    Building trust
3.2.2 Automation
3.2.3 Training
3.2.4 Licensing
3.2.5 Standards

4.0 Using Open Data

4.1 Cross sector
4.2 Business
4.3 Community

This guide has been prepared by Birmingham City Council (BCC) in cooperation with the West Midlands Open Data Forum (WMODF) in order to add an English Midlands perspective to the guides established internationally (e.g. Open Knowledge Foundation Guide) and nationally (e.g. Open Data Institute Guides). A new local Government organisation, the West Midlands Combined Authority has recently been formed and it is hoped that this guide can support the establishment of open data as a tenet of this new public sector organisation.  A local social enterprise RnR Organisation is undertaking an Open Data Commission with the aim of highlighting local expertise and experiences.