Local Guide Introductions and Background

1.0 Introduction and Background

The Open data agenda has been growing for some time across the EU community member states, with some cities and countries spearheading the agenda whilst others are playing catch up or waiting to learn from the experience of their counterparts.  This has resulted in national and local institutions publishing vast amounts of information and documentation on the opportunities that open data potential offers. In amongst these publications, there are valuable case stories and practical examples on how these institutions have progressed their agendas. However, much of this is underutilised and often the opportunity to learn from it is lost.

In recognition of this and the hyperbolic growth of this agenda, the EU SharePSI project established a collaborative platform to develop and publish an agreed number of key Best Practices (BPs) to support cities and European countries to develop their open data strategies, policies and action plans. Birmingham City Council through its digital team, Digital Birmingham has worked with the SharePSI community in developing the BPs and utilising them in order to create this localised guide.

This localised guide has been developed in partnership with key stakeholders and activists in this region and references how the BPs have supported its development.

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